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Intact Reputation

Without losing the identity of your business. Your company never loses contact with the client, without investing or losing money.

Simple Schemes

We fill your sales funnel in a simple and transparent way, relying on professionals selected for the field of each line of business.

Absolute Flexibility

Our services can be configured according to the needs of your company. With or without contracts, with or without terms, with or without commissions, etc.

The problem?

"Hiring a salesperson costs a lot of money."

Studies show that a sales professional can reach his maximum performance after a long period of adaptation and practice. Hiring an experienced professional is even more expensive, and those professionals are no longer as dynamic as they used to be early in their careers.

In addition, companies that want to expand globally often tend to hire distributors or representatives who, lacking the desired performance and lack of focus, end up being frustrating.

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The Solution

Sales4Business works to create your new customers or generate more business with existing customers. It’s a B2B approach that provides sales to our clients in the local and international market.

The main difference with a representative and/or distributor is the lack of a brand under which Sales4Business contacts customers.

The brand and name of your company is protected by Sales4Business and remains the central image during the business, being our role a win for both parties, not generating bottlenecks or conflicts of interest.